Friday, November 9, 2007

What Did Billy Graham Say About Polygamy?
Prominent evangelist Billy Graham had
this to say:

Christianity cannot compromise on the question of polygamy. If present-day Christianity cannot do so, it is to its own detriment. Islam has permitted polygamy as a solution to social ills and has allowed a certain degree of latitude to human nature but only within the strictly defined framework of the law.

Christian countries make a great show of monogamy, but actually they practice polygamy. No one is unaware of the part mistresses play in Western society. In this respect Islam is a fundamentally honest religion, and permits a Muslim to marry a second wife if he must, but strictly forbids all clandestine amatory associations in order to safeguard the moral probity of the community.


Serge Ragonnaud said...


Billy Graham has said it all, I just want to make some scriptural referense. In Exodus 21:10-11 the bible spoke of the conditions in taking another wife and made referense to a first. In 2 Samuel 12:8, here through the mouth of Prophet Nathan God said HE gave David the wives of his master. If GOD is against polygamy why this exceptions?

A. Phillips said...

God has given me a lot of things I've asked for, if nothing more than to let me see that I shouldn't have wanted them in the first place. He gives us everything we have, good and bad.

God's point, through the prophet Nathan, was to say "David, I've withheldf3om you, nothing that you've wanted. You have it all and yet you took what was not yours and murdered for it." Very clear from that passage.

Billy Graham's point is not that polygamy is okay, it's that we are such hypocrites in this nation. We say "one man and one woman" yet very few people stick to this.They commit adultery left and right. At least in Islam, though it may be plural wives, they have a limit and commitment to those wives.

Anonymous said...

The anti-polygamists have no argument whatsoever to justify the monogamy only position that came from pagan rome. They assume polygamy is sin and then interpret scripture in a very silly manner.

God made one man and one woman in the beginning, but not for each other as thought by marriage books today. He made only woman for man, not vice versa as described in Genesis and affirmed by Paul. That is the definition of marriage. God did not place a restriction on the number of marriages for man. By virtue of woman being made for man, the marriage for her is strictly to one man. But man is not restricted to one marriage as he was not made for her. Polygyny is not group marriage. It is one man united to one woman for life(as per the definition of marriage), n times not just once. The wives don't get married to each other. It's not a union betwenn 1 man and mamy women. It's 1man+1woman, 1man+1woman. Each union with each wife is a marriage. Polygyny is actually not marriage but family structure in which there are a number of 1 man 1 woman marriages with the man being shared by each woman. It does not in any way go against God's design. If anything, it makes God's design ever more clear. It is no doubt that woman is made for man in polygyny. Monogamy (not necessarily but) could be interpreted as being made for each other which wouldn't represent God's design as clearly. Also polygamy trumps monogamy for the command to "be fruitful and multiply".

Because God created 1 woman, does that mean every man needs exactly one wife?. Does he sin if he takes no wife?. If God made 3 women, would every man be compelled to take exactly 3 women :o. Nowhere in Genesis did God restrict the number of marriages per man.